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Meet the future Columbus-style pizza concept that’s currently offering free multi-course pizza dinners to friends

Meet the future Columbus-style pizza concept that’s currently offering free multi-course pizza dinners to friends

Jack McLaughlin

While you may not be able to score a slice yourself just yet, you’ll want to keep an eye on Confluence Pizza.

A budding new concept that does not yet offer a food truck or brick and mortar of its own, Confluence is eyeing a permanent Columbus home in the future, though, and it’s serving up some great pies in the meantime.

Currently, according to Jason Dodson, who founded Confluence Pizza alongside Dylan Dawson with assistance from his partner, the concept hopes to have its own Columbus food truck in the next year or so, with an eclectic physical restaurant in the mix down the line.


“The full vision involves not only pizza, but also coffee, beer, and spirits which would be another layer to the name Confluence,” Dodson said. “But obviously there’s quite a few steps to take before that vision is realized and I’m trying to make sure we’re being calculated with everything while at the same time being super excited and hopeful!”

In the meantime, however, there’s still plenty of Confluence pizza going around. 

The concept is currently offering free, “fairly full-service” pizza dinners with appetizers, desserts and, of course, their pizza. While these dinners, which are slated to take place every several weeks, are currently invite-only, Dodson said Confluence does hope to find an avenue to the public soon.

Photo courtesy of Confluence Pizza

“I’ve thought about hopefully in the next few months having some form of donation-based delivery set up and/or local market presence that more folks in the public can be a part of and I really look forward to it,” he said, adding that following Confluence on Instagram is the best way to stay up to date with the concept.

According to Dodson, Confluence pizza is inspired by traditional Columbus pizzerias (he named Tommy’s, Plank’s, Josie’s, Massey’s and Flyer’s, among others). It offers a thin, Columbus-style crust with a sweeter, but still lightly spicy, red sauce layered underneath a provolone based cheese blend and Ezzo pepperoni. Confluence also offers a thicker, hand-tossed style.

“In general I’m also trying to use as many local ingredients as possible in all my stuff, from Ezzo of course, to Milligan’s Maple, to North Market Spices, and so on,” Dodson said. “After taking so much inspiration from those local pizza shops that have been around for so long, one of my goals is to pay homage to those long-standing staples by highlighting that style of pizza and hopefully encouraging the style to become more recognized for its quality and deliciousness.”

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