National chain serving Middle Eastern coffee and pastries opens first Columbus-area location

Jack McLaughlin

An exciting national concept coffee and pastries hailing from Yemen has officially opened its first-ever location in the Columbus area.

Qamari Yemeni Coffee Co., which is located at 3221 Hilliard-Rome in Hilliard’s Tinapple PLaza, holds its grand opening today.

Najmeddine Gabbar, the chef and owner of the north side eatery Yemeni Restaurant, will bring multiple other Qamari Yemeni Coffee Co. franchises to Columbs, although where these will be located and when Gabbar plans to open them is currently unclear.


The new Hilliard cafe features a wide variety of unique coffee drinks, including coffee served with cardamon, ginger and other spices. Patrons can also grab a variety of baked goods, including biscuits with dates, Coconut Cake and Filo Fingers, which features crispy, unleavened filo dough with the addition of chopped nuts and sweet syrup.

Qamari Yemeni Coffee Co. is based in Dearborn, Michigan. The concept has multiple Michigan cafes, in addition to franchises opening in California, Illinois and Texas.

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