National publication recognizes local Cbus pizzeria for their pot-friendly patio

Sav McKee

At this pizza spot, you can order an extra cheese pizza and bring your own side of greens, and the wood-fired oven won’t be the only thing blazing. 

GoreMade Pizza, located at 946 N. 4th St., is making a name for themselves, not only for having some of the best pizza in Columbus, but also for being unapologetically pot-friendly. 

A national pizza publication, PMQ, called attention to GoreMade in a recently published article, where they specifically highlighted GoreMade’s “Fire It Up Fridays,” which is an event, now every Friday, where customers can smoke marijuana together next to outdoor fires while watching a fun movie (or other forms of entertainment) on the pizzeria’s back patio.

When marijuana became legal in Ohio on December 7th of this year, GoreMade’s owner, Nick Gore, took to social media to share his excitement. To celebrate, Gore offered a weed-friendly event on GoreMade’s patio, which he named Fire It Up Friday, and on Instagram, he emphasized, “This will not have to be a secret. We will not be breaking any laws! Come celebrate and unpack the long awaited legalization of marijuana in our great state on our pizza (and pot) patio.”


Gore told 614Now that he’s trying to break the stigma that surrounds marijuana, especially when it comes to private businesses establishing designated smoking areas.  “This legalization is a collective healing experience,” he said. “But everyone is told to be scared about something that’s supposed to be a beautiful experience…I’m willing to be the person who won’t be scared or confused.”

He said that GoreMade’s pot-friendly patio is meant to be blatant about being marijuana friendly. On these Fire It Up Fridays, “People will smell it, smoke it, and see it. There will be a bunch of fires, and people smoking marijuana without the fear of being arrested,” Gore explained. 

Although Fire It Up Fridays events are exclusive to Fridays, GoreMade said on their social media that their patio is always pot-friendly, but they’re aware Dewine and the Ohio Senate are already trying to change the language and guidelines in Issue 2. GoreMade’s Instagram said, “Let’s figure out exactly what that means together. Legal games are being played as we speak, but the people have spoken. We will not succumb to fear. It has lead this path for far too long, and it no longer holds power here.”

The first Fire It Up Friday took place on December 8th, and according to Gore, this was the busiest the pizza shop has ever been in the 7 years they’ve been open. 

If you have any questions about Issue 2, please check out the Issue Report here.

It’s worth nothing that Ohio’s Division of Liquor Control released a statement directed towards businesses that hold liquor permits on December 15th that says, “With the enactment of Issue 2 legalizing the adult use of marijuana in Ohio, numerous [liquor] permit holders have asked whether the use of marijuana is now allowed in their liquor permit premises. Under the Issue 2 statutory language that was enacted, liquor permit holders can still be issued an administrative citation if they allow the use of marijuana in their permit premises (Ohio Administrative Rule 4301:1-1-52 B)… As such, liquor permit holders who knowingly or willfully allow the use of marijuana in, upon, or about their licensed permit premises are subject to administrative citation.”

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