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New ‘Reader’s Digest’ story names the best slice of pizza in Ohio

New ‘Reader’s Digest’ story names the best slice of pizza in Ohio

Jack McLaughlin

Here in central Ohio, most of us are willing to pound the table for the thin, square cut pizzas that have become culinary symbols of Columbus. Recently, one national publication looked to northern Ohio, not the Arch City, while naming’s the state’s best pizza.

In a story published last week by “Reader’s Digest,” the outlet sought to name the best pizza in every state, relying on a combination of “local knowledge, sales figures, rave reviews, and simply following our noses.”

The story named Crust in Cleveland as the state’s best pizzeria. Here’s what it had to say about the eatery:


Stuck between the two pizza capitals of the United States (New York and Chicago), Crust has created its own “Cleveland style” pie, blending the two more famous styles for a thicker yet still crispy and light crust. Everything (yes, everything) is made from scratch each day, so eat up, and don’t leave the crust—they say it’s the best part!

Crust, which first opened in 2012, currently operates two locations, both of which are in the Cleveland area.

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