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No weekend plans? Here’s ‘TravelMag’s’ list of 2023’s best Columbus Italian Restaurants

No weekend plans? Here’s ‘TravelMag’s’ list of 2023’s best Columbus Italian Restaurants

Sav McKee

Pasta is a year-round meal, in my opinion, but something about the cooler months has me craving a bowl of bucatini every evening. I know I’m not alone in this – apparently, Italian food is America’s second favorite food category (right behind Mexican).

Fortunately, Columbus has some incredible Italian restaurants – some are hidden, authentic, family-owned gems, while others are on the more trendy and modern side, but either way, they offer a perfect spot to cozy up with some pasta and a martini.

‘TravelMag’ created a list of the 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Columbus to help us enjoy a night out. I was thrilled to see some of my go-to pasterias on the list!

10. Martini Modern Italian
445 North High Street

Photo by Sarne Hutcherson via Google Reviews

“Once inside, diners find that Martini is classy without being pretentious, and once they order, they experience culinary delights that blend classic Italian influences with contemporary takes.” – TravelMag

9. Pasqualone’s Ristorante
5766 Emporium Square 

Photo by Kurt Palazzo via Google Review

Located in an unassuming storefront in a shopping center just a few miles from Easton Town Center, you’ll find Pasqualone’s Ristorante. The relaxed family-run eatery is known as “the best-kept secret in Columbus.” David Pasqualone and his wife Lori own and operate this Italian oasis. They provide soothing music and tasteful décor along with dishes inspired by those made in Central Italy, where David’s father was born,” – TravelMag

8. Carfagna’s Ristorante
1440 Gemini Place 

Photo of Chicken parmesan
Photo by Micheal Koehler via Google Review

“Carfagna’s Ristorante is another family-run Italian restaurant in Columbus, and it has a loyal following. Patrons initially make their way to this eatery near Polaris Fashion Place to try the famous pasta sauces and handmade jumbo ravioli.” – TravelMag

7. Trattoria Roma
1447 Grandview Ave. 

Photo via Trattoria Roma’s Website

Within the heart of Grandview, you can find classic Italian dishes with a modern twist when you visit Trattoria Roma…brings diners incredible Italian meals that utilize local, seasonal ingredients in a setting that can be described as “‘classy yet casual.’” –TravelMag


6. Villa Nova Ristorante
5545 N. High St.

Photo of Chicken parmesan
Photo by Erin Keiser via Google Reviews

No list of Italian restaurants in Columbus would be complete without mentioning Villa Nova Ristorante…The décor in the restaurant and bar area hasn’t changed in decades and the patrons wouldn’t have it any other way…” – TravelMag

5. Basi Italia
811 Highland St.

Photo by Sheila Devi via Google Reviews

Basi Italia provides an intimate setting in Victorian Village that’s the perfect place to enjoy Northern Italian dishes and Mediterranean-inspired entrees. The unassuming exterior can make this eatery easy to walk past, but that would be a mistake. The small interior hosts a casual dining space where the staff provides a cozy and approachable dining experience.” – TravelMag

4. Lola & Giuseppe’s Trattoria
100 Granville St.

Photo of Chicken parmesan
Photo by Justan Dazey via Google Reviews

“Those seeking authentic Italian cuisine ranging from pasta to seafood don’t need to look any further than Lola & Giuseppe’s Trattoria. Found in Gahanna, this oasis for Italian favorites is nestled among a row of shops. Once you step inside, you’re greeted by an intimate space that features charming details like murals and red and white tablecloths. However, the food is what truly stands out. Favorites among regulars include Giuseppe’s Baked Rigatoni and Veal Marsala.” – TravelMag

3. Z Cucina di Spirito
1368 Grandview Ave.

Order Z Cucina di Spirito Dublin Delivery Online • Postmates
Photo via Postmates

Specializing in small plates, salads and main courses, Z Cucina is known as a “scratch kitchen,” meaning the chef makes everything from scratch. Each dish is a blend of modern and traditional Italian and Mediterranean flavors…” – TravelMag

2. La Tavola
1664 West 1st Ave.

Photo of Chicken parmesan
Photo by John Choi via Google Reviews

“Don’t be fooled by this eatery’s humble exterior, as it houses a warm restaurant that provides unique takes on Italian favorites. Every dish is made from scratch by Chef Rick Lopez and his team. Together, they create a new menu each night that features fresh ingredients and enticing flavors.” – TravelMag

1. Speck Italian Eatery
89 N. High St.

Photo by James Uttley via Google Reviews

“Speck got its start in the Central Ohio restaurant scene just north of Columbus in Delaware, Ohio, before making the move to the downtown area. Chef Josh Dalton strives to serve up modern takes on Italian classics in a way that’s both “delicious and playful.” Much like LaTavola, Speck regularly switches up its menu so that diners can enjoy the freshest ingredients and ideas. The vibrant culture of Italy inspires each dish as well as the eclectic interior design of the space.” – TravelMag

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