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Ohio pizzeria unveils new Cincinnati chili dog-inspired pizza; Would you try it?

Ohio pizzeria unveils new Cincinnati chili dog-inspired pizza; Would you try it?

Jack McLaughlin

Pizza come in all shapes, sizes and flavors, but one Ohio spot appears to be taking things to the extreme with a brand-new creation.

Earlier this month, Angilo’s Pizza, which is located at 3106 Springdale Rd. in Cincinnati, paid homage to the Queen City with a new, Cincinnati chili dog-inspired pie. 

According to a July 12 post from Angilo’s, the newly-introduced menu item, known as the Cincy Coney Pizza, features “Real Cincinnati chili, Queen City beef mett , mustard and onions optional, and topped with mild cheddar cheese.” A version of the pizza is pictured on the eatery’s website without cheese as well.


In case you were wondering, beef mett is a type of minced meat that is eaten as a spread or (in the case of this pizza) a sausage.

According to its Facebook Page, Angilo’s introduced the pizza after Youtuber Greg Insco unveiled his own Cincinnati Chili Pizza for a 500th video special. The pizza sold out entirely the first night it was offered (on July 12), and was brought back for the following day. It’s currently unclear if the item, which is one of the eatery’s speciality pizzas, is still available

The Chili-inspired creation isn’t the pizzeria’s first foray into unique Ohio-themed dishes, either. Angilo’s also offers Grippo Wings, which are covered in sauce before being dusted in crushed Grippo potato chips.

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