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Popular chef, known for Speck & Veritas, opening new eatery next week

Popular chef, known for Speck & Veritas, opening new eatery next week

Sav McKee

When one of Chef Josh Dalton’s restaurants at 15 E. Winter St. closes, another one is surely to open in that same space. At least, that’s been the pattern for the past couple of years.

Dalton’s most recent concept, Cove Seafood Joint, recently said goodbye, and now, another restaurant is popping up in the same Downtown Delaware building that serves almost as a “test kitchen” for his new concepts.

This new eatery, Rosebud’s, is a place that represents “more of what chef Josh likes to eat,” said a member of the team. “It’s a nicer version of bar fare and classic cocktails –right in between a dive bar and nice cocktail bar.”

Familiar favorites from Dalton’s other restaurants will also be featured on the menu, with Rosebud’s own twist of course, including the famous Wedge Salad and Lobster Roll from Cove, the Ragu from Speck, and the Feta Dip from Veritas. “If it was super popular from other restaurants, we’ll probably have it there,” they said.


It will be remodeled with a new vibe, and they’re hoping to open by sometime next week, but an official date hasn’t yet been announced.

While some Delaware residents are upset about the transition from Cove to Rosebud’s, there are many who support the idea of evolving concepts in that building. “I love that Josh appreciates Delaware enough that he’s willing to spend the time, energy and talent to see how we react to his food. He must think very highly of folks here to trust them to help him find the best, most creative and delicious dishes he can produce,” said a comment on Rosebud’s Instagram.

Both Veritas and Speck started at 15 E. Winter St. in Delaware, Ohio, and eventually, those restaurants made their way to Downtown Columbus.

“Quite frankly, the location we occupy at 15 E. Winter is Chef Josh’s favorite of all our other spaces because it serves as a blank canvas for new ideas and an outlet for creativity,” Rosebud’s said on Instagram. “Simply put, yes, you will see new concepts come to this space after us – because Chef Josh has 10 other ideas he can’t wait to try out. Just because a concept changes doesn’t mean we’ve changed our passion to showcase some incredibly good food and drinks thanks to our amazing team that helps us transform from one concept to the next.”

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