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Popular Columbus-style pizzeria dabbling in a Detroit-style option

Popular Columbus-style pizzeria dabbling in a Detroit-style option

Sav McKee

Some might consider it blasphemous to eat Detroit style pizza in the thin crust capital of Ohio; some might be excited to try something different.

Joseppi’s Pizza has been cranking out traditional “Columbus Style” pizza since 1969, winning numerous awards for their crust, toppings, and overall flavor. They’re most known for a very thin, crisp crust, with toppings spanning over the entire pie.

Now, they could be known for something else – something they haven’t tried in the 54 years they’ve been open: Detroit style.


On August 15th, they teased their (very large) Facebook following with a picture of homemade pizza that was vastly different from their signature Columbus-style. This picture showed a thick, fluffy crust, cut into large squares. 

“We’ve been busy creating our own Detroit style recipe at the home test kitchen… ignore the messy cheese and sauce 😂 What do you guys think about adding another crust option? Side note: we would never get rid of our original thin crust, we’d just offer this as another option for you guys!” the Facebook post reads.

363 people “liked” the post, and hundreds of comments encouraged Joseppi’s to go out on a limb and try it. “Columbus style is my favorite, but, I’ll give it a try,” reads one comment. “I’d try it. Just please don’t mess with your normal delicious crust!!” reads another.

An employee at Joseppi’s remarked that they don’t have a release date for their new style of pizza because they’re still “perfecting the recipe, making sure it’s perfect before we offer it. But our plans are to have it on the menu,” she said. Along with a Detroit style, Joseppi’s teased on their Facebook that a deep dish option could be in the works as well.

It seems like us Columbus folks are ready to try something new!

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