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Here’s our round-up of must-try Detroit-style pizzerias in Columbus

Here’s our round-up of must-try Detroit-style pizzerias in Columbus

Sav McKee

You can spot a Detroit-style pizza from a mile away – the entire pie is rectangular in shape (along with the slices), there’s an inch or so of thick, airy dough with crisped corners, plus each square is piled high with toppings, browned cheeses, and most importantly (and the most controversial) – a red sauce on top so the dough doesn’t get soggy.

It might be blasphemous to even discuss Detroit-style pizza with Columbus-style enthusiasts, but some people actually do prefer the thicker, doughy squares to the thin, crispy, cracker crust squares Columbus is so known for. 


We rounded up some incredible New York style pizzerias in Columbus last month, but this month, we’re focusing on the hearty pies that originated in our neighboring state, Michigan. (Okay, well, to be technical, Detroit-style pizza’s roots are traced back to Sicily, but you get the gist).

Mama Nancy’s 3495 E Broad St.

Picture of Momma Nancy’s Ford GT via Facebook

They’re well known for their Chicago deep dish and New York Style pizza, but their Detroit style za is their best kept secret. Pictured above is the Ford GT: caramelized crust, pepperoni, Italian sausage, cheese, parmesan cheese, oregano, and topped with their signature red sauce.

Sexton’s Pizza Hilliard location, Gahanna location, Harrison West location

Picture of The MoTown Smokey Robinson via Sexton’s Facebook

They sell out frequently and have long waits for dine-in – all for a good reason. It’s gaining recognition as one of the most popular spots for pizza connoisseurs. Pictured above is the Smokey Robinson (ask for the MoTown edition to make it Detroit-style instead of NY-style): Ezzo cup and crisped pepperoni, jalapeno, parmesan cheese, a smoked honey drizzle, and a red sauce on top.

Pie of the Tiger1179 Jaeger St. / 674 N. High St.

Picture of the Dill Thrill via Pie of the Tiger’s Facebook / Photo by @cbusfoodfanatics

They pride themselves in being “a little Detroit, a little Sicilian, all Yellow Brick Pizza.” This pizza pop-up, an entity of Yellow Brick Pizza, serves squares at Mid-City Garage in Merion Village and Short North Tavern. Their Dill Thrill pizza trades the red sauce for ranch and Old Bay hot sauce, plus includes dill pickle chips, provolone, and a garlic butter. A vegan option is available as well!

Paulie Gee’s Short North1195 North High Street

Picture of the Pep & Burrata Squares via Paulie Gee’s Facebook

Although they’re famous for their Neapolitan, wood fired pizzas, they also take pride in their Sicilian/Detroit style pies, which they’ve simply just named “Squares” on their menu. They offer a variety of options, including the Pep & Burrata Square: cheddar edge, aged mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, Ezzo pepperoni, burrata, basil, Mike’s Hot Honey, and parmigiano reggiano. Most of their pizzas can be made vegan, too!

Pizza Nerds2050 Cherry Valley Rd., Newark, OH

Picture via Pizza Nerd’s Facebook

They don’t actually refer to their pizza as classic Detroit pizza, but they still follow the Detroit-style equation most of the time. They feature fun, unique pizzas to try, along with weekly specials that are usually named after video game characters or 90’s toys, an ode to their “nerdy” childhood.

Wizard of Za4214 N. High St.

Picture of The Rainbow Pie via Wizard of Za’s Website

This is a newer spot, born in the pandemic, that prides itself in its Sicilian roots. “Almost three generations ago, our magical mother dough, Oscar, was cultured in Sicily, Italy. With a strong desire to connect pizza lovers across the globe, Oscar made his way all the way to Ohio, where he now thrives on local yeast and water,” Wizard of Za’s website. Pictured above is their Rainbow Pie, featuring vodka sauce, a house pesto sauce, a house red sauce, all on top of fresh mozzarella.

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