Some of the city’s best new tacos are being made inside of a bagel shop; Here’s how to get some

Jack McLaughlin

While The Lox Bagel Shop has already solidified its standing as a local foodie favorite, before long, it may be the case that something in addition to decadent bagel sandwiches becomes one of the eatery’s calling cards: tacos.

Former executive chef at Veritas, Silas Caeton, who is now a managing partner at The Lox, will be overseeing the return of the Sabo taco pop-up out of The Lox today and tomorrow, from 5:>30-8:30 p.m.

Caeton, who also previously served as executive chef of Cosecha, said the concept, is “scratching the itch [he] has to create Mexican food.” 

The pop-up is named after the brand of hot sauce that Caeton (and The Lox) now create in-house and sell.

“It all sort of spiraled,” he said with a laugh “We launched the hot sauce brand, which we make in house, and the pop-up came after that.”

The sauce, which Caeton describes as smokey, spicy, and a tiny bit sweet, prioritizes flavor over heat. It is available for purchase at The Lox and Joya’s Cafe, and will soon be available online as well.

This week’s pop-up will feature its most robust menu yet, as the longtime Columbus chef has been incrementally expanding offerings each time the event returns. He’s aiming to make the taco pop-up a monthly occurrence at The Lox, and you can check Sabo’s Instagram account for updates on future dates.

“Right now we’re trying to build a following, and we’ll see where it takes us,” Caeton said.

The Lox Bagel Shop 
772 N High St #106
Columbus, OH 43215

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