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This award winning Charleston restaurant – or a spinoff of it – appears to be coming to Cbus

This award winning Charleston restaurant – or a spinoff of it – appears to be coming to Cbus

Sav McKee

There’s been plenty of speculation about which restaurant is opening at 6 W. Gay Street, right on the corner of Gay and High Street. 

During the Downtown Commission meeting in August, when they originally approved the plans, it was revealed that this new restaurant is inspired by an “iconic restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina,” according to the project’s developer, Edwards Cos. The actual name of the restaurant was not, and has not, been revealed. 


According to city permits though, it appears that it will likely be Hank’s Seafood Restaurant, which has been rated the best seafood restaurant in Charleston for almost two decades, or a spin-off of Hank’s. One contractor working on the building told 614Now the team has been referring to the restaurant as Hank’s, and another contractor said they’ve been referring to it as “Hank’s” or “Hank’s Cousin,” although they weren’t certain of the final name. A contractor also mentioned that they’re expected to be completely finished by February.

In the August Downtown Commission Meeting, the project was said to be inspired by an “iconic restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina,” although the eatery was not named.

Following the meeting, many took to social media to express that the renderings’ similarities with Hank’s Seafood Restaurant in Charleston. Both the Hank’s restaurant in Charleston and the released renderings of the Columbus location have the words, “Cold Inside” and “Friendly Service” inscribed on the front near the door, as well as “Oyster Bar/Raw Bar,” and the fonts seem to be similar as well. 

Released Rendering of new 6 W. Gay St. Restaurant

Additionally, a Columbus-based investment firm acquired Hank’s Seafood Restaurant back in 2015.

In a past press release, Jim Merkel, the CEO of Rockbridge said, “Rockbridge is proud to continue in Hank’s [the past owner of Hank’s Seafood Restaurant] footsteps and respects greatly what he has done for the city of Charleston. We will continue to work directly with Hank and his team to provide a seamless transition and continue the great success of his namesake restaurant…We could not be more pleased to become a part of the Charleston community.”

And now, it appears Hank’s will become a part of the Columbus community.

Rockbridge Capital and the Edwards Cos. could not be reached for commentary.

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