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This Central Ohio pizzeria offers a 4-pie pizza sampler

This Central Ohio pizzeria offers a 4-pie pizza sampler

Sav McKee

You know the feeling – every single item on the pizza menu sounds amazing, and it’s hard to just commit to one za. You end up with your classic go-to, wondering if you should have strayed and tried something new.

Fortunately, at Twins Pizza, you won’t have to worry about the pizza FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). They offer pizza flights – four, 7 inch pizzas made any way you want, all in one box. 


Maybe you have a house full of opinionated eaters who all want individual pizzas? Look no further. One person can order a pepperoni deluxe, another can get a pickles bacon ranch, or a deluxe cheeseburger, or even a BLT pie. It’s a fun, unique way to try all of the specialty pizzas that Twins Pizza has to offer. 

“I’ve always been a bartender, and everyone seemed to want flights of wine and flights of beer. So I thought, why not pizza flights?” laughed co-owner Megan Malherbe. She and her husband, Adam, have owned Twins Pizza for the past 2 years, where they’ve focused on offering over 25 specialty pizzas with unique toppings and combinations.

Malherbe emphasized that their pizza flights are a very popular choice due to the versatility and straight up fun they offer. One Google review mentions, “Ordered from here for the first time tonight and got a flight of 4 pizzas which was really cool! Everyone got what they prefer and we don’t have to order a bunch and have leftovers that nobody eats.”

Twins Pizza is located in Newark, OH at 1868 Cherry Valley Rd. If pizza samplers pique your interest, we’ve found two other pizzerias who offer some type of flight: Grandad’s Pizza in Hilliard, Grandview, Bethel Rd., and Morse Rd., all offer a sampler of pizzas of your choice, featuring three, 7 inch pizzas, and Lakebound Pizza in Millersport, OH offers a new pizza flight every month.

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