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This Columbus bagel shop has some of “The Very Best Bagels in the US” according to Bon Appétit

This Columbus bagel shop has some of “The Very Best Bagels in the US” according to Bon Appétit

Sav McKee

Add “finest bagels outside of New York” to Columbus’ long list of credentials. 

Bon Appétit, an established culinary print & digital magazine, gathered a list of note-worthy bagels that you could find outside of the New York limits, and a beloved bagel shop of our own made it on their exclusive run-down of “The Very Best Bagels in the US.”

The Short North’s The Lox Bagel Shop, at 772 N High St #106, “…turns out excellent bagels that blend the styles of New York and Montreal,” according to Bon Appétit. They were the only Ohio bagel shop chosen for this list. 

The simplicity of the The Lox’s bagel selection seems to actually be one of their more alluring features. They only carry four types: plain, everything, sesame, and sea salt & herb. They’re hand-rolled and freshly baked every day. With just a dollop of cream cheese, these bagels shine on their own.


However, Bon Appétit seems to also be intrigued by the toppings and sandwich offerings. “But when you start to get into the bagel sandwich options, it can start to feel overwhelming—in the best way,” they remark. They give a special shout out to the signature sandwich, appropriately named “The Lox,” which is, “a classic bagel sandwich, [that] features capers, onion, cucumber, and cream cheese. A vegan version of the sandwich is made with nori-cured carrots,” as well as a kudos to their Cauliflower Melt, featuring fried cauliflower, artichoke, pepperjack, and romesco.

Another aspect they love about The Lox? Their Instagram. “The real secret here lies in keeping up on social media, to see what special will be featured next. You’ll be rewarded with bagels piled high with soft shell crab, mortadella, and lots more,” they say.

The Lox Bagel Shop is on a roll. In 2021, they were included on a “Food & Wine” list of “Best Bagels in America,” which notes that, “Inside, however, they’re nice and soft, like a New York bagel, and whatever you do with them—schmear, sandwiches, or even just sink your teeth into a fresh one, with nothing on it—you’re winning at breakfast.”

We’ll see you in line. Bon appétit!

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