This national publication created a list of the 28 “essential” Columbus restaurants

Jack McLaughlin

You don’t have to tell anyone here that Columbus is a booming food city, but it’s always nice to get some national validation. And that’s exactly what we’re about to share with you.

In 2022, the food news powerhouse “Eater” published a list of the 28 “essential” restaurants in Columbus, complete with a brief write-up and photos of each.

While there were some interesting omissions, including the likes of Comune, the Refectory and Chapman’s Eat Market, which was named a top 50 restaurant in the country by the New York Times in late 2021, the story represents a wide variety of cuisine types, from donuts to Peruvian sandwiches.


And it’s not only the range in styles of food that impressed us, but also just how many regions around the globe were represented.

The “Eater” list multiple standout African restaurants, Tibetan food, Mexican spots, Middle Eastern fare and much more.

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