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This new Columbus-area ice cream shop is home to a secret, 90s-themed speakeasy

This new Columbus-area ice cream shop is home to a secret, 90s-themed speakeasy

Jack McLaughlin

If you try to grab a Coke from the on-site vending machine of the recently-opened location of CRMD in Lewis Center, there’s a chance you end up with a Coke and whiskey instead.

As revealed in an Instagram video earlier this week, the aforementioned vending machine isn’t actually dispensing drinks: It’s a door to a secret speakeasy. The hidden door leads to an immersive, neon-patterned hallway, ending at a small “secret” bar with a handful of seats.

According to CRMD co-owner Ben Stoyka, the Evans Farms speakeasy is the first  in a line of companion concepts that the ice cream shop plans to introduce alongside all new CRMD locations.


“We’ve wanted to do this for years. Now, every store we open, moving forward, we’ll do a different concept alongside it,” he said.

The new speakeasy is called DRNK, which according to Stoyka plays off the CRMD name, while purposefully remaining a bit ambiguous.

“It can mean ‘drink’, ‘drank’ or ‘drunk,’ which we have on a neon sign in there, but it can also mean a few other things,” Stoyka said.

Just like its sister concept, DRNK focuses on high-end ingredients (opting for top-shelf booze), and even finds a way to incorporate ice cream from CRMD.

“We have a drink that uses some of our coffee ice cream. It makes the texture almost like a milkshake,” Stoyka said. “It’s incredible.”

DRNK is currently open daily from 4 p.m. until close, although its hours may receive an upgrade once the summer arrives.

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