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Three Ohio restaurants make recent list of world’s best fried chicken spots

Three Ohio restaurants make recent list of world’s best fried chicken spots

Jack McLaughlin

With an abundance of Korean fried chicken spots, plus plenty of wings and good, old-fashioned fried chicken sandwiches, you don’t have to tell us twice that the Buckeye State is no slouch when it comes to fried chicken. 

And now, a new list highlighting the world’s best fried chicken from popular food outlet FoodAtlas offers more than a little validation to the Arch City.

The list compiles 40 of the best fried chicken spots around, sorting them by food expert recommendations. Three different Ohio spots made the list, including one eatery you can get in Columbus. Well, sort of.


The 34th eatery that got the nod from FoodAtlas was The Eagle OTR, which is the Cincinnati location of The Eagle. The concept operates a handful of other locations, including one in the Short North. Is the fried chicken here in Columbus identical to its counterpart in Cincinnati? Who knows, but we’re willing to bet it’s pretty close.

The highest-rated Ohio spot on the list is a bit of a hike from Columbus, but the same Akron-area city of just over 25,000 residents claimed not one, but two of the spots on the FoodAtlas list.

We’re talking about Barberton, Ohio. The city’s namesake dish, Barberton chicken (which is also known as Serbian chicken), is a unique take on the classic dish, inspired by the area’s large Serbian-American population.

Belgrade Gardens narrowly missed out on a top-10 ranking, as it took the 11th spot on the list. The nearby White House Chicken–the two restaurants are less than 10 miles away from each other–came in at number 39.

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