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Wendy’s is doing WHAT with its chili?

Wendy’s is doing WHAT with its chili?

Jack McLaughlin

The Dublin, Ohio-based burger chain Wendy’s has a big move in store for its chili.

During the Feb. 21 Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference, multiple reports noted that ConAgra brands, the parent company that owns Wendy’s, plans to roll out a canned version of the restaurant’s famous chili.

Few details exist about when and where it will be available (and how much it will cost), but you can see the proof for yourself in the conference presentation document ConAgra posted to its website. The chili first makes an appearance on p. 81.


Multiple reports also noted that Wendy’s canned chili now has its own Instacart listing, although few additional details, except for the chili’s nutritional information, are listed, and it’s not available for purchase yet.

We’ll keep you posted once we learn where–and when–you’ll be able to buy a can for yourself.

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