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Columbus and two other Ohio cities ranked “Top 10 Gloomiest Cities in the US”

Columbus and two other Ohio cities ranked “Top 10 Gloomiest Cities in the US”

Sav McKee

Columbus has a plethora of nicknames – Cbus, Arch City, Cowtown, The Discovery City, Cap City – but perhaps its most appropriate name should be Cloudy City.

Three Ohio cities ranked in the top 10 of’s “Top 10 Gloomiest Cities in the US,” which uses climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  to reveal which US cities get the most cloud cover. So, there may be a scientific reason you’re feeling that June Gloom. 

Columbus comes in at #8, with 190 annual heavily clouded days, which means that 52% of our days are completely shielded from the sun. To add onto that, there’s another 103 partially cloudy days, totalling 293, indicating that 80% of the year is on the gloomier side.


Other Ohio cities in the ranking include Cleveland in the #5 spot, where 82% of their days are spent sunless, and Toledo at #10, with 185 cloudy days every year. 

The sun seems to be hiding this summer in particular. Other than the Canadian wildfires creating a haze around our city and impacting our air quality, the amount of cloud coverage in general has been noticeable this June, too. The Grandview Pool confirms that they’ve seen less families and people coming in to lounge at the pool compared to other summers, particularly due to this year’s weather. 

Fortunately, there’s plenty of indoor entertainment in Columbus to still create fun, summer memories. Catch a movie at The Drexel, discover some hidden gem pizza spots at local bowling alleys, or maybe challenge your friends to some arcade games at 16 Bit Bar.

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