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Pins & Pizza: Local bowling alleys that have surprisingly great pizza

Pins & Pizza: Local bowling alleys that have surprisingly great pizza

Sav McKee

Maybe it’s the bowling alley atmosphere – pins crashing, disco music blasting, everyone laughing while wearing vintage bowling shoes – that makes me romanticize the rubbery, greasy squares I’m shoveling into my mouth in between bowling turns, but I truly think the bowling alley pizza scene in Columbus is something special. Even the bad is somehow good. 

Here are some bowling joints that have that nostalgic, glossy, gooey pizza that’s best shared with friends and a pint of beer. And remember, if your hands aren’t so greasy that you can barely grip the ball, you’re not doing a bowling night out correctly.

Wayne’s Webb – 3224 S High St, Columbus, OH 

Photo via Wayne Webb’s Facebook

This crispy thin crust, extra cheesy, loaded, seasoned to perfection za is made in-house at Wayne Webb’s restaurant, Tristan’s Pizza. They boast that they’re “not your average bowling alley restaurant.” Many south-siders grab Tristan’s for takeout without even going to bowl.

Sequoia Lanes – 5501 Sandalwood Blvd. Columbus, OH

Photo via Sequoia Lane’s Facebook

The Bowler’s Grille at Sequoia Lanes serves thin crust pizza, cut in squares, oozing with cheese, right on a piece of cardboard. The vintage lanes and music makes it all the better.


Ten Pin Alley – 5499 Ten Pin Alley, Hilliard, OH

Photo via Ten Pin Alley’s Facebook

Ten Pins is more of a “boutique” bowling alley, and the pies reflect that, too. Their crust is made in-house, completely from scratch. Don’t be afraid of the black marks on the crust; the Neapolitan style is what they’re aiming for.

Gahanna Lanes – 215 W Johnstown Rd, Gahanna, OH 

While bowling at Gahanna Lanes, expect your entire plate and all of your hands to be drenched in grease, but in the best way possible. It’s floppy, it’s chewy, it’s everything you want out of a bowling alley pizza. They also serve pizza by the slice if you can’t commit to an entire pie. 

H.P. Lanes – 2012 Innis Rd, Columbus, OH

The pizza at H.P. Lanes is soft and doughy with crisp edges, overflowing with cheese and toppings, and cut into squares to share. Easy and nothing over the top. Just how it should be.

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