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26 year old Short North staple expands to Dublin

26 year old Short North staple expands to Dublin

Sav McKee

This curated stationery store doesn’t just look good on paper; it has 26 years of experience in the Short North to prove that it’s here to stay and expand. 

Starting in early or mid July, the local craft stationery store, On Paper, at 743 N. High St., will open another location in the North Market Bridge Park.

“I’ve been wanting to get into Dublin for a couple of years because there’s a lot of growth happening up North. Bridge Park has grown so much, and since our business thrives off pedestrian traffic, we wanted to expand somewhere else that had a lot of pedestrians passing through,” remarked the current owner, Margy Lydy-Meeker.


Bullet journals, cute greeting cards, and minimalist office supplies are hotter than ever right now, and On Paper understands its market. At its newest Dublin location, you can browse through carefully hand-picked notebooks, fine pens, art supplies, greeting cards, and yes, even Japanese office supplies. It’s also planning on selling coloring books and supplies for kids. Basically, it’s your one-stop-shop for beautiful gifts for yourself and others.

Photo of the Short North location via On Paper’s Instagram

Many business owners are utilizing farmers markets, flea markets, and public markets, like Bridge Park, to gauge where their business is heading next. Margy actually recommends a market setup to anyone looking to start their own livelihood, or even to expand their business. She explained, “A market or booth setup is a great option compared to just starting a storefront immediately. It’s a low financial risk compared to opening a store. Some people think, ‘How hard can a store really be?’ But actually, running a storefront is really, really hard, although incredibly rewarding.”

With years of experience operating a shop in the Short North, Margy’s able to give some great advice: first, ensure there’s a market for what you’re selling. Test the waters with farmers markets, and then perhaps a monthly pop-up, then transition to a public market vendor space. If that all works out, a storefront could be the next move for you.

Although, On Paper didn’t really follow that pattern, and it has still remained abundantly successful. The founder, Joan Schnee, launched this passion project in 1997, sharing the world of paper and the love of organization with everyone in Columbus. She passed the torch to Margy, and now, in 2023, On Paper is still proving that self-expression is a timeless trend.

Margy explained that in a digital world, putting your thoughts on paper is surprisingly more relevant than ever. “There will always be a niche for us. Younger people in particular are wanting to put their thoughts on paper right now.” The website adds, “When people choose to write by hand, it is now, more than ever, a form of self expression. The fine, velveteen touch of a handmade paper, the distinction of a deckle-edge or paper embedded with flowers, all become reflections of who we are. The choices we select make a personal statement and add great significance to our communication with one another.”

If being surrounded by exquisite paper products sounds right up your alley, On Paper is hiring at its new Dublin location. You can email [email protected] to send in your application or ask any questions.

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