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Cedar Point riders forced to walk 200 feet down from stalled coaster

Cedar Point riders forced to walk 200 feet down from stalled coaster

Jack McLaughlin

Last week, a groups of Cedar Point guests experienced a roller coaster of emotions while on a roller coaster ride.

According to multiple reports, riders on the Sandusky amusement park’s formidable Magnum XL-200 coaster were forced to leave the ride and descend 200 feet back to the ground using a staircase attached to the ride.

The coaster, according to Cedar Point, was recognized as the world’s fastest complete-circuit roller coaster when it was introduced in 1989.


You can watch a video of the incident, which was captured by another Cedar Point guest, here.

Video grab of guests climbing down the rollercoaster via Josh Lett

Cedar Point director of communications Tony Clark told Fox News Digital referred to the stoppage as a “check engine light” scenario that automatically prevented the ride from restarting after it had stopped.

Earlier this year, another video involving a Cedar Point coaster made a splash on social media. This video depicted an employee who hiked up a steep roller coaster staircase to take a cell phone from a rider who continued to use it while the ride was ascending its initial climb.

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