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Ohio announces new tourism slogan

Ohio announces new tourism slogan

Jack McLaughlin

The state of Ohio has turned to the past to find its tourism slogan for the future.

In a press conference held this morning in honor of Ohio Tourism Today, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, alongside Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, unveiled a new tourism slogan for the Buckeye State. Replacing “Ohio, Find it Here” will be:

“Ohio, the Heart of it All”


And while we say new, we also mean old, because the slogan was used starting in 1984 to promote tourism, before being replaced by “Ohio, So Much to Discover,” in the early 2000s.

“I am excited to announce we are returning to something familiar, something with an emotional connection, something with heart,” DeWine said of the slogan.

In addition to the state’s heart shape and its location within the heartland of America, he cited a number of other reasons for the slogan change, referring to Ohio as the “heart of opportunity,” the “heart of adventure,” and now, nodding to recent investments from Intel, Google and Honda, the “heart of technology.”

In case you were curious, here’s a list of the state’s tourism slogans throughout the years:

1984Early 2000s: Ohio, the Heart of it All
Early 2000s-2015: Ohio, So Much to Discover
2015-2023: Ohio, Find it Here
Starting Today: Ohio, the Heart of it All

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