See where Cbus ranks in ‘U.S. News’ recent list of best places to live in Ohio

Sav McKee

Maybe it’s time to push the “Living in Ohio” jokes aside. After all, we have four seasons here, it’s (somewhat and relatively) affordable, we have large, bustling cities, and even diverse landscapes. There’s a reason our major metropolis’ are rapidly expanding to fit a growing population of out-of-state transplants.

U.S. News recently released their annual “Best Places to Live” list for the 2023 and 2024 year, using a variety of factors to rank the best cities to live in Ohio. Here’s their methodology:

  • Quality of Life: includes crime rates, education, wellbeing, healthcare, etc.
  • Value Index: household affordability, household income, and household costs in general
  • Desirability: net migration, desirability survey using SurveyMonkey
  • Job Market: unemployment rate, average salary 

Based on these factors and indexes, here are the spots that U.S. News considers the best places to live in Ohio:

#6 Dayton

#5 Cleveland

#4 Toledo


#3 Columbus

#2 Youngstown

#1 Cincinnati

It appears as if the Queen City has beat the Cap City, in this case. Overall, out of every city in the United States, Cincinnati also ranked #50th best place to live, while Columbus ranked #69. U.S. News attributes Cincinnati’s desirability to all of the attractions, landscapes, and things to do. It’s a multicultural, family-friendly city, but also a hotspot for a growing culinary and cocktail scene.

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