The first-ever Ohio Mushroom Festival will be held this summer

Jack McLaughlin

Joining the ranks of other niche events like Skunkfest in North Ridgeville and the Cleveland Pickle Fest, the Buckeye State is set to launch its first-ever Ohio Mushroom Festival later this year.

The Festival will be held Sept. 22-24 at 10321 Silica Sand Rd. in Garretsville, a small village in northeastern Ohio.

The event is billed as a celebration of all things mushrooms, and plans to feature everything from guided foraging trips to mushroom workshops, food, local art and live music. It’s billed as a festival that’s committed to exploring and sharing the “culinary, healing and medicinal properties of mushrooms and plants.”


Visitors are also invited to take in lectures on everything from mystical experiences with psilocybin-containing mushrooms to the iconic fly agaric mushroom, in addition to more in-depth guides on mushroom foraging and culinary applications.  

You can purchase tickets for the festival here. Ohio Mushroom Festival visitors will also be able to purchase passes allowing them to camp at the festival grounds.

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