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Check out Olde Towne East’s newest, 24/7 hour gym in a historic building

Check out Olde Towne East’s newest, 24/7 hour gym in a historic building

Sav McKee

These days, most gyms close around 9 or 10 p.m., turning away a crowd of people, such as nurses, doctors, and food industry workers that would love to get a work out in, but simply, and quite literally, can’t find the time to do so.

Kevin Helmondollar and Jason Calloway, who both work in the medical field and are passionate about health and wellness, wanted to change that. And so they did.

Recently, the duo opened a new, 24/7 hour gym called The Active, after noticing a “gym gap” in the central Olde Towne East neighborhood. This new gym and community space is nestled into the quaint, historic Carriage House, and their hopes are that everyone can have the opportunity to feel empowered. 

“We moved to OTE 6 six years ago, and we’ve both been gym goers for 17 years,” explained Helmondollar. “We know what nursing shifts are like, and we know what it’s like to work irregular hours and not have a gym open. We wanted to give people the option to move even with their busy schedules.”

The Active, located at 731 E. Broad St., features all updated amenities, such as the newest Precor machines for strength circuits, new squat racks and dumbbell equipment from the local company, Rogue, and the latest cardio equipment from Life Fitness, such as treadmills, stairmills, and ellipticals. There’s also a private, matted area for those who want to engage in ab-work and free-weights. 

Photo courtesy of Helmondollar

What makes The Active more unique than other gyms, especially other 24/7 hour gyms, is that Helmondollar is also a personal trainer, certified with International Sports Sciences Association. He has years of PT experience, and you can easily sign up on their app for a one-on-one, PT session here, where Helmondollar will focus on your individual goals through a holistic approach.

Most importantly, The Active is a safe space, exuding inclusivity. “It’s an environment where you can feel welcomed to be your best selves,” emphasized Helmondollar. “As gym owners, our goal is to provide a welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of their fitness level, can work towards their health and fitness goals with the right guidance and support.”

No need to fret about security, either! At The Active, a simple swipe of the code you get on your app allows you to get into the space, and secures the space from anyone that’s not a member.

If meeting your fitness goals while surrounded by exposed brick and people who are like-minded, The Active is right up your alley (or should we say, right up your carriage house?). Both Helmondollar and Calloway have put in their own special touches for this to be a community center in OTE, and they welcome you to join, too. 

There’s an open house on December 30th, from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m., plus free day passes are available December 26th until January 2nd if you want to check out the buzz for yourself! For more information, take a look at their website.

“We’re here for you when you need us,” reminded Helmondollar. “Yes, even 24/7.”

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