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Here’s your complete guide to COSI’s massive, multi-day science festival

Here’s your complete guide to COSI’s massive, multi-day science festival

Jack McLaughlin

It’s not just spring that’s arrived here in central Ohio. That extra excitement you’re sensing in the air? That’s the COSI Science Festival.

The event, which features multiple days’ worth of events across local venues, businesses (and, of course, at the museum itself), will feature a wide variety of science-inspired community events in addition to a one day extravaganza at COSI itself, known as the Big Science Festival

When is it?

This year, the COSI Science Festival will be held May 3-6. Community events will take place at different venues across the city May 3-5.

The Big Science Festival, when dozens of groups  will  gather outside of COSI to hold one massive event for the Festival, will be held on May 6, from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where is it?

From May 3-5, the entire Columbus community be hosting events as part of the festival, which is the largest STEM event in the state of Ohio. Everywhere from Fox’s Bagels & Deli to a glassblowing workshop will hold events. 

On May 6, the Big Science Festival will be held in front of COSI.

Tell me more about the community events

You can find a full list of events here. The festival’s community events will include science-based trivia and karaoke, a brewery tour at Land-Grant, glassblowing, a metalworking demonstration and much more.

What exactly is the Big Science Celebration?

Held on May 6, the event acts as the grand finale of the COSI Science Festival. And it does so with a bang. Literally. Visitors can stop by more than one hundred different science-related displays set up in front of COSI, including plenty of science-related explosions.

You can see all of the Big Science Celebration participants here.

How much does it cost?

Both the community events and Big Science Festival are free.

Where can I park on May 6?

You can find parking options close to COSI here.

Bike parking is available at the corner Washington Boulevard and Town Street.

Will there be food on May 6?

Both food trucks and other food vendors will be available.

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