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Powerball Jackpot jumps to $725,000,000 – Don’t miss your chance to win

Powerball Jackpot jumps to $725,000,000 – Don’t miss your chance to win

614now Staff

Ohioans can now buy official Powerball tickets online – on or by downloading the App

The days of running to the gas station to buy lottery tickets before a big draw are over. Ohio residents across the state are learning about a new way to play the lottery, buying their tickets on is a safe and secure way to purchase official Ohio state lottery tickets right on your phone. You can play Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, and Rolling Cash 5, from anywhere in the state. is making the lottery easier and more convenient to play, and especially now when the Powerball Jackpot is at $725,000,000!  Here below are 5 reasons to use to buy your lottery tickets online:

  1. Get a FREE ticket on your first play

As part of its launch in Ohio, is offering all new players a FREE ticket on their first play – just go to, and after you complete the short process of registering and completing your first purchase, you’ll automatically get a FREE ticket to try your luck again.

2. Never Miss Another Jackpot

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to buy your lottery ticket on draw day and seeing someone else win the jackpot. If you sign up and enable notifications, will let you know as the draw time approaches and keep you updated as the Jackpot sizes get bigger. 

3. Never Lose Your Ticket and Miss Your Winnings

When you buy your ticket on, it is printed and scanned immediately into your account for proof of ownership. You don’t have to worry about misplacing your lottery ticket.

4. Get Notified When You Win

Every year, millions of dollars in winning lottery tickets go unclaimed due to lost tickets and people simply not knowing that they have won. If you buy your tickets with,  you will get notified you as soon as the draw is over and let you know exactly how much you’ve won.

5. Get Your Winnings Right to Your Account

With, you’ll get your winnings sent straight to your account immediately after the draw is held.  Any winnings under $600 will be added to your account and if you win more than $600 we will send you the ticket so that you can redeem it with the Ohio Lottery Commission.

So What Are You Waiting For?  The Powerball Jackpot is at $725 MILLION, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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