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Visit ‘Candyland’ at La Plaza Tapatia for unique candies and incredible treats – no tricks!

Visit ‘Candyland’ at La Plaza Tapatia for unique candies and incredible treats – no tricks!

Sav McKee

This year, you could stick with the same ol’ store-bought candy that everyone else on the block will have on Trick-or-Treat night.

Or, you could stop by La Plaza Tapatia, Central Ohio’s largest Latino supermarket, and stock up on a wide variety of traditional Mexican sweets!

La Plaza Tapatia, located at 255 Georgesville Rd., boasts a huge “Candyland” section, filled to the brim with candies and goods that would be perfect for Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos, or honestly, just a scary movie night on the couch. They also offer childhood favorites, such as KinderJoys and gummies, and even fun toys and stickers that would make the ultimate Halloween goody bag.

You won’t miss it: there’s an enormous, glowing sign with blinking lights that says “Candy Land” next to the snack section. When you walk through the door, you’re instantly mesmerized my thousands of colorful treats, all at competitive prices.

Photo via La Plaza Tapatia’s Facebook

And while you’re there filling your cart with candy, make sure to grab some pumpkin cookies, spiced donuts, a scoop of Mexican artisan ice cream, or even a caramel frappe on your way out.

Photo via La Plaza Tapatia’s Facebook

A trip to La Plaza Tapatia is already an adventure, and their wide array of candies and treats only makes it sweeter. Stop by 7am-10pm daily, and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to check out their deals and offerings.

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