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Churro ice cream sandwiches and matcha soft serve highlight the 10 most unique Columbus ice cream dishes

Churro ice cream sandwiches and matcha soft serve highlight the 10 most unique Columbus ice cream dishes

Jack McLaughlin

Regardless of what the calendar says, Memorial Day weekend is the start of summer. And with this anticipated three-day respite right in front of us, what better time to dive into one of summer favorite treats: ice cream.

But not just any ice cream. In this list, we’ve decided to toss the predictable stuff, like single scoops and ice cream sandwiches with just cookies on either end. We’ve put together a list of some of the most unusual (but still delicious) ice cream dishes in Columbus, and where to find them.

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Libby Lou’s Fun Factory

Selecting a single  Libby Lou’s ice cream option above the rest is a near-impossible feat, considering the store that features shakes with an entire soft pretzel, a full brownie, M&M’s on top of it, and even ice cream tacos. That being said, it’s hard to argue anything combining churros and ice cream deserves some serious love.

Ice Cream Nachos

Multiple Locations

We’re not entirely sure where the idea for these came from, we’re just grateful that Ohio embraced ice cream nachos like it did. You can find these trending treats at spots throughout the Columbus area, although each spot offers its own unique take.

Hard Apple Pie

Buzzed Bull Creamery

While a sundae featuring apple, caramel and graham cracker topping your choice of ice cream flavor already sounds pretty good to us, how about infusing the entire thing with apple pie moonshine as well?


Lucky Charms Shake

Sugar Rush

Vanilla bean ice cream pulsed with Lucky Charms marshmallows, a Lucky Charms frosted rim and one of the largest pieces of rainbow cake we’ve ever seen are three great reasons to try this shake. Did we mention the cake is served fully intact, on top of the glass?

Matcha Soft Serve

Belle’s Bread

Add a worldly flair to your next soft serve experience by choosing Belle’s Bread. This Japanese bakery offers all sorts of Japanese riffs on popular treats, and their Matcha Soft Serve may be the best one for warm weather.

Essie Sundae

Little Ladies Soft Serve

We’re not entirely sure what Lemon Cornflakes Crunch or Red Sparkle Dust even are, but they’re featured in one of the standout sundaes from one of the standout sundae spots in all of central Ohio. So we want to try them.

Seasonal Flavors

Chapman’s Eat Market

You may know Chapman’s for its burgers and fries, but don’t sleep on their ice cream. You’ll want to call ahead to see which seasonal flavors are in stock (you can also take home pints), with flavors like the 4/20-themed Girl Scout Cookie, Smoked Strawberry, Blueberry Cornbread and more.

Everything Bagel

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams 

While there’s a chance that these pints are gone from scoop shops by the time you’re reading this, one of the most polarizing flavors coming from an ice cream shop known for polarizing flavors is worth trying at least once. It combines cream cheese ice cream with streusel, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion and garlic.

Oreo Paleta

Diamond Ice Cream

This Columbus spot offers a seemingly endless slate of paleta variations (Mexican popsicles with fruit or other treats mixed in), but if you’re looking for something unique, opt for their Fruity Pebbles or Oreo options, the latter featuring multiple intact cookies inside the popsicle.

The S’Wich Split

S’Wich Social

Get those bananas out of here, because this split in the real deal. S’Wich Social, known for its ice cream cookie sandwiches, has reinvented the banana split, swapping fruit for cookies in a true masterclass of indulgence.

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