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Eight Columbus pizzerias make it on travel agency’s list of ‘25 Best Pizzas in Ohio’

Eight Columbus pizzerias make it on travel agency’s list of ‘25 Best Pizzas in Ohio’

Sav McKee

It’s one of the most highly debated topics in Columbus. It’s torn families and friends apart. It’s caused millions of arguments on Facebook. It’s…pizza, and whether or not Columbus’ pizza shops are top-notch or lacking.

But apparently, according to travel company Enjoy Travel, eight of Ohio’s best pizzerias are right here in Central Ohio. Ranging from stuffed Chicago-style, to crispy rectangular squares, Cbus knows a thing or two about what makes a good pizza.

Coming in at the #1 spot on this list of “25 Best Pizzas in Ohio” is Yellow Brick Pizza, known for their special Chicago Stuffed Pizza. Then, at #6, Harvest Bar + Kitchen, specializing in gourmet wood-fired pizzas using locally sourced, all-natural ingredients. There’s the iconic Stadz Pizzeria at #7, located in Blacklick, featuring thin, crispy pizza loaded with curled pepperoni and gooey cheese. They put Adriatico’s, a classic campus staple at #11 and Figlio’s wood-fired pizzas at #14. JT’s Pizza is listed at #17, with their tavern-style square cuts, Mikey’s Late Night Slice at #20, and last but certainly not least, Rubino’s Pizza coming in at #23.


For those curious about the other notable pizza spots, here’s the full list:

#1: Yellow Brick Pizza – Columbus

#2: Crust – Cleveland

#3: Old Scratch Pizza & Beer – Dayton

#4: Citizen Pie – Cleveland

#5: Taglio – Cincinnati

#6: Harvest Bar + Kitchen – Columbus

#7: Stadz Pizzeria – Blacklick

#8: Vicenza’s Pizza & Pasta – Cleveland

#9: Dewey’s Pizza – Dayton

#10: Via Vite – Cincinnati

#11: Adriatico’s – Columbus

#12: Marion’s Piazza – Englewood

#13: Crust – Cleveland

#14: Figlio – Columbus

#15: Campoross – Cincinnati

#16: Samosky’s Homestyle Pizzeria – Valley City

#17: JT’s Pizza & Pub – Columbus

#18: Ramundo’s Pizzeria – Cincinnati

#19: Il Rione – Cleveland

#20: Mikey’s Late Night Slice – Columbus

#21: Adriatico’s – Cincinnati

#22: Ohio Pie Co. – Brunswick

#23: Rubino’s Pizza – Columbus

#24: Vero Pizza Napoletana – Cleveland

#25: Two Cities Pizza Company – Mason

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