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Check out these crazy spring break stories from OSU students

Check out these crazy spring break stories from OSU students

Kat Gallaugher

Spring break, a pinnacle of the college experience. It’s known for its beach parties and long days filled with clubbing and sun burns. Spring break is meant to be filled to the brim with the beach, booze and fun times, but unfortunately for some students at The Ohio State University, things went awry. 

One second year student at OSU had quite the scandalous story. Maggie was looking forward to an easy and fun trip to Florida with a few friends (one of which she had a crush on). As everyone sunbathed on the sand, Maggie decided to explore some of the ocean. According to Maggie, as she went swimming a “huge wave” took her by surprise. By the time she got back to the surface she realized that her swim top was missing. Gathering all of her courage, Maggie ran back to the beach attempting to cover up with her towel before anyone noticed. She thought the coast was clear till her crush caught sight of her. Luckily the two of them had the rest of the break to figure out what this big reveal meant for them. 

A few other students decided to head to the woods for spring break and had quite the adventure. According to third year James, he and his friends went camping, and apparently someone had a bit too much to drink. In the middle of the night one of his friends was so drunk he mistook their tent for the “outdoors” and “started pissing” right in the tent. Luckily, a few of the more sober boys cleaned everything up before the smell put an early end to their trip. 


Another student, Oliver, said that for spring break he and some friends decided to visit a different college town. They went out and got pretty drunk and had quite the night. According to Oliver, they were all having a good time dancing and then this one girl “got super drunk and peed on the dance floor.” Yikes. Oliver also said that the madness didn’t stop there that night, with two of his friends ending up passed out on fraternity lawns. 

Last but not least, Megan was roadtripping back to OSU when things started to go poorly. The tent they had been staying in had started to flood due to snow and icy weather. Deciding to head out early, Megan and her friends packed up and hit the road only to get stuck in traffic for 6 hours. The roads were so bad that they “pulled a family out of their flipped car in the middle of the night” and a semi truck flipped right in front of them. Fortunately, Megan and her friends safely made it back to OSU and now have quite a few stories to share. 

Despite the mishaps and unexpected adventures, spring break at The Ohio State University was certainly unforgettable for many students. From lost swim tops to drunken camping mishaps and wild nights out, each experience added its own flair to the collective memory of the break.

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