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First semester shitty (literally) roommate horror stories

First semester shitty (literally) roommate horror stories

Kat Gallaugher

Everyone’s heard stories of bad roommates; they leave out dirty dishes and always seem to have people over when you’re trying to sleep. Living with a new person can be a challenge for anyone, even if you aren’t complete strangers. College, the bizarre living experience that it is, seems to show that just because you matched on a living preferences quiz doesn’t mean you’re bound to be friends one bit, but after reading these stories you’ll sure be grateful that your first semester roommate experience hasn’t been this shitty. At least we hope.

One student at OSU, Kayla, had a really icky story to share. According to Kayla, her roommate had some friends over for the weekend. Easy, right? Not at all. Kayla’s roommate took around “3 edibles and some LSD within an hour” which caused her to have a nervous breakdown. She was watching videos of “cartoon sharks swimming” for hours because she thought they were rainbow colored. Kayla was tired and decided to call it a night, thinking her roommate would be fine since she was surrounded with friends and her boyfriend. Boy, was Kayla wrong. The next morning, Kayla, woke to find out that her roommate, in her drugged up state, had pooped in the shower, mistaking it for the toilet. Thankfully, Kayla’s roommate’s boyfriend ended up cleaning up the mess but Kayla “used a different shower for the rest of the semester.”

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Ick! That story is sure to send a shiver down everyone’s spines. Unfortunately, the horror stories don’t end there when it comes to stinky roommates.

This next OSU roommate horror story which was shared by a student, Keilah, is one of the nastiest ones yet. According to Keilah, she left town for a few days and came back to an odd smell in her room. She was on the messier side, so her floor was covered in clothes. She went searching for the smell and found… “A pile of shit under clothes and a bath towel covered in poop shoved behind a bookshelf.” Keilah says that supposedly her roommates had a party while she was gone and had “no idea” who could’ve done it. However, Keilah thought it seemed way too spiteful to really be a mystery to her roommates. She packed her bags and told her roommates that she wouldn’t be back until her carpet was cleaned. 

Those two roommate stories are a whole new level of horror, and it’s hard to imagine how you would react to those situations. Whether it was by accident or on purpose, no one wants to be in a crappy situation like that. Maybe go a little easier on your roommate for forgetting to do the dishes — it could be way worse.

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