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What off-campus bar fits your zodiac sign?

What off-campus bar fits your zodiac sign?

Kat Gallaugher

From the solar eclipse to mercury retrograde, a lot is happening with celestial bodies right now. This time period is said by astrologers to be very crucial for certain signs, almost causing a “rebirth.” Which reminds us of the age old question, which off-campus bar represents your zodiac sign? From Aries to Pisces, every sign has a bar that’s just right for them.

As the baby of the zodiac, it only makes sense that Aries would be this freshman favorite bar. Bullwinkles, known endearingly as “Bulls” by OSU students, is the perfect choice for Aries because “Bulls” is a 18+ bar and is known for rowdy crowds and chaotic energy which are both Aries traits.

TaurusThe Library
The Library Bar is the best match for Taurus. Tauruses are known for being lovers of a good classic and that’s exactly what The Library is. The Library’s title even fits Taurus, which are typically known for being homebodies. The Library is reliable and close to home which makes it the perfect pair with Taurus. 


Gemini Threes Above High
Gemini, is known for having two sides and is represented by the “twins,” which is why Threes Above High is the perfect fit. Threes is known for being a bit grimy but is also a favorite of many sorority girls. It is a mix of loud music and a smaller area which pairs well with Gemini’s chaotic energy. 

CancerThe Piano Bar
Cancers, the emotional sign, are perfectly represented by The Piano Bar. This bar is known for its music which connects to Cancer’s emotional nature. Cancers are very fluid and love swaying to a good song, and you can definitely do that here.

LeoGood Night John Boy
Always shiny and exciting, Leo is a great match for Good Night John Boy. Good Night John Boy is known for its groovy tunes and disco balls. There are so many mirrors in Good Night John Boy, which is perfect for Leo which is often attributed to being a bit confident and narcissistic. However, Leo always brings the best vibes and high energy, which matches the feeling that Good Night John Boy provides. 

VirgoVarsity Club
Virgos are known for having a practical and logical approach to life which goes well with the Varsity Club. The Varsity Club is homey and offers food and drinks which will suit Virgo’s need to be sensible while still having fun. 

LibraEthyl & Tank
Next up is Libra. Libra is known for balance and harmony making it pair well with Ethyl & Tank. Ethyl is known for always having a good time and trying to keep the peace which is an accurate depiction of Libra. Libra is also known for being very flirty which also goes with Ethyl’s environment.

ScorpioBier Stube
Scorpio, known for being mysterious, reclusive and dark, is the perfect representation of Bier Stube. Bier Stube is a bit hidden away and is always a bit dark and dingy which is exactly how Scorpio is. Once you get inside, Bier Stube is actually quite fun and a good time which is similar to a Scorpio once you can get them out of their shell. 

Sagittarius The Go Go
The Go Go is a great spot of Sagittarius. It’s the closest thing to a nightclub which is very fitting for the adventurous sign, Sagittarius. The Go Go has been described as “hot” which is perfect for the fierceness of Sagittarius. If you need to let your wild side out, The Go Go is the place for you! 

Capricorn Thirsty Scholar
Capricorn, of course, is the Thirsty Scholar. Capricorn is known for being studious and serious which fits the Thirsty Scholar to a t. The Thirsty Scholar also offers trivia which goes well with Capricorn’s ambitious spirit. 

There’s no better bar to represent Aquarius than Slammies. Slammies is a great spot for karaoke which is great for Aquirius’s creative side. Aquarius is known for being artsy and independent which fits Slammies funky vibe. 

Pisces Ugly Tuna
Ugly Tuna Saloona 2 is fishy enough for Pisces. Pisces love to talk and this is the perfect environment for them to let that side shine. The decor also fits Pisces perfectly due to the aquatic theme and the bright colors within. Pisces will feel right at home within the walls of Ugly Tuna.

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