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Massive orange snail statues from Milan, Italy placed in Columbus suburb

Massive orange snail statues from Milan, Italy placed in Columbus suburb

Sav McKee

If you’ve driven down Riverside Dr. recently, you may have noticed some giant orange snails in the lawn of the Dublin Arts Council building. 

The art exhibit & snails, titled “Dwelling: a Snail’s Journey,” located at 7125 Riverside Dr., was created by a Milan-based artist group called Cracking Art. The group, formed in 1993, has a commitment to social and environmental issues, and bringing awareness through art.

Orange Snail Sculpture by Cracking Art
Photo via Dublin Arts Council’s Website

The snails represent “regenerative properties that symbolize rebirth and improvement,” according to the Dublin Arts Council. “The snail moves slowly and patiently, representing the importance of moving gradually and safely toward a target. Its ‘home,’ or shell, is not only associated with domesticity but also with mass communication in Italy, as the Italian word for snail – chiocciola – is also the name used for the @ symbol. The helix of its shell, which allows the snail to both hear and move, emphasizes the importance of the ability to listen and the utility of the upward movement that regulates the universe.”


They chose a vibrant orange color for these snails to represent creativity, health, vitality, change, and movement.

The opening reception for this exhibit is May 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., but you’re able to visit the snails right now if you want!

While the snails are currently on the grounds of the Dublin Arts Council, they said they have the intention that the snails will travel to additional sites throughout the Dublin community.

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