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These 3 Ohio Cities among top 10 most unhappy in the U.S., new report says

These 3 Ohio Cities among top 10 most unhappy in the U.S., new report says

Sav McKee

Okay, we know Ohio is gloomy this time of year, but apparently, it’s not just the lack of sun that makes Ohioans so unhappy.

For years, researchers have studied the science of happiness, and unhappiness in this case, finding that happiness factors depend on mental states, health, social connections, job satisfactions, life expectancy, and financial well-being.

Wallethub utilized these factors to create a report of the 182 most and least happy cities in America, and none other than Cleveland, Akron, and Toledo were placed in the very bottom. 


Out of the 182 cities, Toledo ranked 176 on the happiness index, Akron was placed at 173, and Cleveland taking the 181st spot. In fact, the only city that was more unhappy than Cleveland was Detroit, according to WalletHub’s list.

All three of these cities had low emotional & physical well-being ranks, low income & employment ranks, and low community & environment ranks. 

Columbus was placed at #135. The happiest cities in America, according to this study, are Fremont, CA, Overland Park, KS, San Jose, CA, Madison, WI, and Irvine, CA. 

Maybe us Ohioans are all in need of some of that California sun.

For more information, take a look at the report here!

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