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Here’s how you can win a trip to one of Ohio’s most unique getaway destinations

Here’s how you can win a trip to one of Ohio’s most unique getaway destinations

Jack McLaughlin

The Ohio vacation adventure of your dreams is one scan away.

With the introduction of (614) Lager in 12-pack format, one lucky local lager fan will be able to win a two-night stay at The Lost Cavern.

Located in The Hocking Hills, The Lost Cavern offers two unique properties (with a third on the way) that embrace their Appalachian landscape in a way that’s both functional and beautiful.


Every (614) Lager 12-pack will contain a Silver Ticket on the box, which purchasers can scan to enter their information into a prize drawing. One lucky individual will be randomly selected to stay for two nights at either of The Lost Cavern’s two properties, which include The Ledge and The Study.

The Ledge is named for its position atop a sandstone cavern, complete with unfettered views of a seasonal Hocking Hills waterfall. Billed as “Mid-Century Modern meets industrial cabin,” The Ledge boasts breathtaking views and a sizable patio, a hot tub with space for seven, and room to sleep six people.

The Study, which was constructed using floor to ceiling glass, offers panoramic views of–and total immersion into–the Hocking Hills wilderness. Informed by Phillip Jonhson’s Glass House, the unique cabin seamlessly blends Mid-Century Modern vibes with real Hocking Hills nature. It includes a shower hand-built with Lost Cavern stones, radiant heated floors resembling the surrounding sandstone and wooden beams Built from Douglas fir. It has a hot tub big enough for six, and enough space to sleep four people.

If you want to find your silver ticket, and claim the Hocking Hills getaway you’ve always wanted, here is where you find a (614) Lager 12-pack vendor near you.

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