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614 feast picks his top 10 Columbus dishes of 2023

614 feast picks his top 10 Columbus dishes of 2023

Anthony O'Connell

I was lucky enough to taste some seriously amazing food in 2023. So, I’ve put together a list of the best dishes I ate last year in Columbus – we’re talking about everything from pizza to burgers, tacos, and beyond. Get ready for the best bites of 2023!

Los Agavez Taqueria (3166 N High St)

Birria Tacos Tijuana Style Crispy taco shells loaded with flavor-packed beef and just the right amount of melted cheese. Paired with a rich, meaty consommé – thick, viscous, and brimming with savory goodness.

COLO Butcher and Deli (59 Spruce St)

Spicy Burger, it has two Ohio Wagyu beef patties, pepperjack, Tabasco aioli, pickled jalapeño, and onion on a toasted bun. I pass on the lettuce. The quality’s top-notch, with a perfect bun-to-meat ratio.

Classic Pizza (906 S Sunbury Rd)

I’m a super fan of Classic Pizza! Their crust is always perfectly crunchy, the sauce is just delicious, and they don’t skimp on the high-quality toppings. My go-to order? The Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza.


The Lox Bagel Shop (772 N High St)

the lox: capers, onion, cucumber, cream cheese. This bagel is incredible, it’s chewy without being too doughy. When I lived in NYC I had some of the best bagels in the world and The Lox Bagel shop is just as good.

CM Chicken (1132 W Henderson Rd)

Get ready for the “crunch heard round the world” with these Garlic Spicy Chicken Wings. These wings are very crispy, yet unbelievably juicy inside.

Meshikou Ramen (1506 Bethel Rd)

Spicy Miso Paitan Ramen, wavy noodles, kikurage mushroom, corn, white scallions, marinated soft boiled egg, and pork belly. I eat this comfort food year round because it’s not just a meal; it’s a warm, comforting experience.

Chapman’s Eat Market (739 S 3rd St)

Experience a true feast with A Side of Chapmans Beef Fat Fries. Each fry is crisped to perfection and seasoned with just the right touch of salt.

Starliner Diner (4121 Main St)

Breakfast Burrito it’s packed with scrambled eggs, ham, jack cheese, and refried beans, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. They add smoked chile sauce and cilantro, then top it off with more sauce and cheese. Plus, it comes with home fries on the side.

Kitchen Social (8954 Lyra Dr)

Cheddar and Scallion Biscuits, paired with delicious honey butter. They’re the ultimate comfort food, offering a perfect mix of savory and sweet in every bite.

The Top Steak House (2891 E Main St)

Porterhouse steak, if you’re torn between a filet mignon and a NY strip, this is your perfect pick. It’s super thick, offering the rich flavors of both cuts in one impressive steak.

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