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A new spot for authentic Korean BBQ just opened

A new spot for authentic Korean BBQ just opened

Sav McKee

Korean ramen, Dukboki, and Bulgogi – oh my!

You can find these traditional Korean dishes, plus much more, at central Ohio’s newest Korean restaurant, owned by John Jin, who’s been in leadership roles at a local Mark Pi’s Express, and has been the regional manager of all 85+ sushi bars in regional Kroger stores. 

Jin, who originally planned to start a career as a dentist, realized he was enamored with the restaurant scene after taking over a friend’s restaurant. He even opened his own Korean restaurant years ago, called Bulgogi (now-closed), inside Saraga grocery now, according to a press release.


And now, he just opened Korean BBQ 궁 (“궁” is pronounced “goong” and translates to “palace”) inside of North Market Bridge Park. He’s excited to bring authentic Korean cuisine to this side of central Ohio. You can stop in for mouthwatering, traditional Galbi and Gimbob, all crafted with authentic Korean ingredients and cooking techniques, and soon, you can even get it delivered if you live in the Bridge Park neighborhood.

“When I first visited Bridge Park and North Market, I felt that this is the perfect model of a town, just like you are living in the city… a big city. I like the surroundings and when I am in the Market, I can see the wide variety of food. I am so happy because now I am part of the Market merchant mix and look forward to sharing our food with the community!” remarked John Jin.

Korean BBQ 궁 owner, Jon Jin

Korean BBQ 궁 is open for lunch and dinner daily, and is located between Hoyo’s Kitchen and On Paper. The North Market Bridge Park is located at 6750 Longshore St, Dublin, OH.

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