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From arepas to curry, these are 614feast’s absolute favorite food trucks in town

From arepas to curry, these are 614feast’s absolute favorite food trucks in town

Anthony O'Connell

I love visiting food trucks year-round, but they become even more appealing as the weather warms up. Columbus is fortunate to have a fantastic selection of food trucks, where chefs manage to create inventive dishes within their compact spaces.

Some trucks stay put, making it easy to revisit your favorites, while others roam around, adding a touch of adventure as you discover new parts of the city. Let’s check out my top picks for the most feast-worthy food trucks in Columbus.

Los Agavez Taqueria (3166 N High St)
Enjoy the fresh, flavorful, and authentic offerings at Los Agavez Taqueria, known for their al pastor and birria tacos Tijuana style. I’ve tasted nearly everything on the menu, and it all rules. My favorite is the quesabirria—tacos made with beef birria, cheese, diced onions, and cilantro. I like to add their hot sauce to my consomme for that extra kick. Don’t miss out on their Al Pastor tacos, and for a delicious change of pace, try their satisfying torta or a cheesy quesadilla.

Birria Tacos; Photo via Google Photos

Mordisco (303 Green Meadows Dr S)
Located at Olentangy River Brewing Company, Mordisco serves up authentic Venezuelan food with options to dine inside or outside. Start with a Carne Asada Arepa—steak with pico de gallo, cotija cheese, and avocado, served with cilantro and spicy sauce on the side. For a plant-based delight, go for the Vegan Veggie Bowl, which combines sautéed vegetables, rice, black beans, avocado, and fried sweet plantains, also served with cilantro and spicy sauce.

Arepas; Photo via Mordisco’s Instagram


Cilantro Latin Fusion (993 King Ave)
My first taste of Cilantro Latin Fusion was at their Grandview food truck location, but they also have a truck in Galloway, Ohio, and have a brick-and-mortar at 4852 Sawmill Rd. Kick things off with Tequeños—five per order—cheesy goodness wrapped in a thin, crispy pastry, elevated by their house-made sauce. Don’t miss the 614 Arepa, packed with grilled beef and cheese, or the Pabellon Arepa, featuring shredded beef, sweet plantains, black beans, and panela cheese.

614 Arepa; Photo via Yelp

Fetty’s Street Food
They bring together the rich flavors of Thai, Indian, and South African cuisines. The menu has diverse and delicious options. Try the Crispy Panaeng Chicken, coated in an authentic Thai Panaeng curry sauce, or the Bunny Chow, a South African butter chicken curry served in a hollow loaf of bread with cucumber raita—a true cultural feast.

Bunny Chow; photo via Yelp

Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Truck
It’s wiener time at Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace, known for its casual vibe, cheeky menu names, and great food, all of which they bring to their food truck as well. My go-to jumbo dogs are Puff the Magic Popper with cheddar cream cheese, jalapeños, and bacon bits, and Cowgirl Carmen with coney sauce, cheddar, and crushed Fritos. They also offer tasty vegan options.

Photo via Yelp

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