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Local bakery asks for community fundraising support to help pay employees

Local bakery asks for community fundraising support to help pay employees

Sav McKee

“Time to be honest,” a local, beloved bakery said on their social media account. 

“The city is essentially holding our permits hostage. Everything has, unexpectedly and unnecessarily, come to a screeching halt,” they continued. “That being said, it’s imperative to me that all my employees are paid during this time. It’s not their fault that we are behind, and this will be a period of much deserved rest for all of them.”

Three Bites Bakery announced earlier this year that they would be relocating their King-Lincoln Bronzeville shop and moving into a new, beautiful space in Downtown Columbus, collaborating with Little Cat Boba, a coffee and tea shop with roots at East Market. But it’s taking much longer than anticipated.

Although they were supposed to be moved in and ready to open soon, Isa, the owner of Three Bites, said that unforeseen permit issues are delaying them 2-3 weeks, and now, they have no revenue whatsoever. “It’s a scary and stressful time for us,” she said. 


They posted an Indiegogo campaign a couple of months ago, and now they’re calling on more community support to help them reach their goal of 25k. “Whether it’s a small donation, or a share, anything helps. You all are the reason we have made it this far to begin with…” said Three Bites Bakery. 

You can show your support for this bakery, coffee shop, and their employees, by donating to their campaign here!

And stay tuned – when their new location does open, it’s going to be an incredibly unique space. Isa’s background in Filipino & Italian baking will perfectly complement a Korean-inspired coffee from Little Cat Boba. You can read more about that new space, (hopefully opening as soon as the permits are approved) at 12 E. Broad St., here.

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