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Prominent bakery moving to new location; teaming up with popular boba & coffee concept

Prominent bakery moving to new location; teaming up with popular boba & coffee concept

Sav McKee

There will soon be a new spot with global influence, boasting flavors from Italy, the Philippines, and Korea.

The beloved bakery, Three Bites Bakery, known for their Italian & Filipino inspired sweet & savory pastries, is teaming up with East Market favorite Little Cat Boba and creating a brand new space of their own, with a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.

Their new space will be located Downtown at the old Jack & Benny’s Cafe, at 12 E. Broad St. – the perfect spot for a midday pick-me-up galette from Three Bites and a Gochujang Mocha from Little Cat. 

Isa Bonello, the founder of Three Bites Bakery, made a strategic decision to move Downtown. After being accepted by the Downtown Ground Floor Growth Initiative, which helps minority and women-owned businesses locate Downtown through rental support and incentives, and after increasing her partnerships with cafes and grocery stores like Littleton’s Market, Bonello realized that a larger kitchen space and a spot with more foot-traffic would be necessary. As a result, she’s leaving the 999 Mt. Vernon Ave. cafe she opened in 2019, and moving all operations Downtown.

Even though she’ll miss the Bronzeville location, she couldn’t be more thrilled about the move. “The larger kitchen space at 12 E. Broad is going to be a gamechanger for Three Bites,” Bonello explained. “I want to express so much gratitude for the Bronzeville community for their support over the past two years in our space on Mt. Vernon.” 


The other half of the duo and the masterminds behind the drinks, Little Cat, will remain at their stall at The East Market (212 Kelton Ave.), expanding to a second location at this new space. They’re known for their innovative bubble tea creations, plus espresso based drinks made with unique Korean flavors like Misugaru (a grain powder) and even Gochujang (hot red pepper paste). Their Korean drinks paired with Isa’s Filipino-Italian baked goods are a match made in culinary heaven.

Photo by @angel_.brenda via Instagram

“Our menu and concept has been and will remain Korean inspired and driven” owner Raymond Kim stated. “We’ve created a craft boba shop that is inspired by the cafe culture throughout Korea, and coastal U.S. cities like Los Angeles, and New York.” 

Kim cited relationships with local roasters like Luck Bros, Brioso, concepts like Mjomii, Comune, Park Service Coffee and Two Tigers Coffee, as well as the support of a large group of friends as integral propulsion through Little Cat’s first year in business. 

Guests can enjoy boba and bombolini starting in mid-summer. Congrats, Three Bites Bakery and Little Cat!

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