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Local bakery catches fire; forced to close for time being

Local bakery catches fire; forced to close for time being

Sav McKee

Almost a year ago, a new bakery opened in the King-Lincoln Bronzeville neighborhood, and people quickly couldn’t get enough of their sweet & savory biscuits, sausage balls, and breakfast sandwiches.

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Photo via Gluten-Free Biscuits by Daddy-O’s Facebook

However, Gluten-Free Biscuits by Daddy-O, located at 821 E. Long St., announced that their facility caught fire last week. A device with lithium batteries exploded, burning down a portion of their location. 

Founder and CEO Aaron Blevins announced that this would completely halt their mix production and Columbus biscuit shop sales temporarily. “Please know that we are working as quickly as possible to get our production back up and running,” said Blevins. “Our entire small facility was impacted by this fire, meaning that all our food and ingredients and supplies we had on hand are having to be discarded. Because of the damage and debris from the fire, we are unable to go back into this facility for an unknown amount of time. Because of this we are searching the Columbus area for a temporary location where we can resume our mix production and shipping.”


He continued, “We are a small, family business who cannot continue to operate without the unwavering support of you, our customers. Many of whom have been with us for more than 3 years. Your support and encouragement during this time does not go unnoticed.”

Although none of the staff were hurt during the fire, Blevins emphasized that all nine employees are still severely impacted by this temporarily closure.

Stay tuned for updates! They should be posting about their new temporarily location on their Facebook, in case you’re looking to stock up on biscuits and show your support.

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