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Local man on mission to get a Columbus-style pizza entry on Wikipedia

Local man on mission to get a Columbus-style pizza entry on Wikipedia

Jack McLaughlin

Westerville resident Michael Rudy is a Columbus pizza fan on a mission. And it’s one we can all get behind

He’s currently leading the charge to create a Wikipedia entry for Columbus-style pizza, which currently (and shamefully, if we say so ourselves) doesn’t exist.

“I thought Columbus-style pizza should have a page, alongside pages for other styles of pizza,” he told 614Now. “I am aware that it can be viewed as a subset of midwestern tavern-cut thin-crust pizza, but if we have pages for styles from Dayton, Minneapolis, etc., Columbus pizza has at least as much history and makes for interesting reading.”


So, how does one actually go about writing an accurate, informative WIkipedia article that will stick around? According to Rudy, there’s a whole lot involved, and it’s not a quick process.

“I have never written a Wikipedia page before, although I have written wiki pages for other content collections. It takes a few hours, over a few days, finding sources and thinking about how to word things,” he said.

Earlier this week, Rudy gathered feedback on the entry from local foodies via the Columbus Pizza Connoisseurs Facebook group.

“Seems like it’s ready,” he said. “Although I would like to add something about how smoked provolone cheese is used by certain pizzerias, like Donatos and Zamarelli’s, at least.”

Rudy says he’ll likely submit the page to Wikipedia soon for review, and we’ll keep you updated along the way.

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