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Long-standing Columbus pizzeria falls victim to unusual burglary

Long-standing Columbus pizzeria falls victim to unusual burglary

Jack McLaughlin

A longtime Columbus pizza spot fell victim to a burglary that has owners puzzled, more than anything else.

According to a Facebook post from The Original Josie’s Pizza, the eatery’s basketball hoop, which was situated in the alley behind Josie’s building, was stolen in the early hours of Jan. 6.

“We’ve always had a basketball hoop outback of our shop ever since we moved. Great for our employees on break and even some local kids which have started some games,” the post from Josie’s reads. “But at 5:16 this morning this guy took the basketball hoop for some unknown reason. Maybe to make his own game. Guess we’ll be twiddling our thumbs for now.”


The Columbus pizzeria included an image of the suspect on security cameras, which you can see below.

Photo via The Original Josie’s Pizza’s Facebook

Josie’s, which is located at 894 W. Broad St., has been serving Columbus since 1959.

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