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Neighborhood bar & grill closing this weekend; building being torn down, says owner

Neighborhood bar & grill closing this weekend; building being torn down, says owner

Sav McKee

Not only is a neighborhood bar and grill closing their doors this weekend, but the entire location is probably going to be flattened.

Mitch Allen, who co-owns Quarry Co. Bar & Grill with Todd Meister of Meister’s Bar, said that The Quarry’s March 17th closure is bittersweet. They opened over 5 years ago, and years into their lease, the landlord sold the building to a local developing company. “We were on a month to month lease from there,” explained Allen. “We knew their goal was to get zoning rights and tear down the building and replace it with housing.”

“We loved the neighborhood and the quarry trails, and the young professional crowd here,” Allen said about The Quarry’s location on 3582 Trabue. “The company said once they rebuild, they might have a retail space there, and that they could approach us and ask if we want to move back there. But that would be years down the line, and it would be a huge buildout.”


The Quarry Co. Bar and Grill serves bar fare such as loaded fries and buffalo chicken sliders, plus traditional bar drinks like cocktails and beer. Their last day is officially on St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday.

Mitch Allen also co-owns Zeno’s, another neighborhood bar located at 384 W. 3rd Ave., with his brother Quinn Allen and their mother. You can catch him there still, where he’s worked for the past 17 years.

You can take a look at their online auction, where they’re selling their outdoor tables, neon bar signs, tap handles, chairs, and much more.

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