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Ohio eatery serving up new “meat sundae”

Ohio eatery serving up new “meat sundae”

Jack McLaughlin

In case you’ve never been, the home stadium of Akron’s minor league baseball team, the RubberDucks, has become known for its Extreme Food Menu, which debuted more than a decade ago.

This season, Canal Park in Akron has revealed what is potentially its most out-there menu item yet.

One of four new Extreme Food items for the RubberDucks this year is a “meat sundae.” And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

The dish is named Emmett’s the Pitt Boss, and is billed by the RubberDucks as a “meat sundae.” It features pulled chicken, smoked brisket, a pair of hot dogs and a quarter rack of ribs. The “sundae” is served over coleslaw and topped with a cherry.

You can purchase Emmett’s the Pitt Boss at the Beir Garten in Canal Park for $28. It’s served during RubberDucks games.

This year, the team has also added a foot-long hot dog covered in Buffalo mac n’ cheese, a Chicken and Waffle Sandwich and a Hawaiian Burger to its lineup of unique offerings.

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