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Ohio pizza named one of the country’s “most outrageous” pies from last year

Ohio pizza named one of the country’s “most outrageous” pies from last year

Jack McLaughlin

An internet-famous Ohio pizza has made headlines again by being named as one of the “most outrageous” pizzas in the country from last year.

The massive restaurant review platform Yelp released its list of the 10 wildest pies from 2023, and one of the entries is a pizza some in central Ohio may recognize.

Joining a list of items that includes a pizza served in a box that is itself made from pizza, cone-style pizza and many more, The Elvis from Roscoe’s Pizza was tapped by Yelp as one of the craziest of last year.


The internet is well-acquainted with this pizza, but in case you aren’t, it contains peanut butter, cheese, bacon, bananas and honey is added once it leaves the oven.

“As if pineapple topping wasn’t controversial enough, this sweet-and-savory pie went viral early 2023 and nearly tore the pizza world apart. The Elvis pizza is an homage to the well-known sandwich of the same name, reportedly one of rock legend Elvis Presley’s faves: peanut butter, bananas, bacon, and honey, all on toasted bread,” Yelp writes about the pizza.

The Elvis is just one of many pies from Roscoe’s (which now offers more than 100 speciality pizzas), including its Charred Grippo’s Pizza (formerly the Grippo’s BBQ Pizza), a pie with ranch, chicken in addition to a whole lot of almonds and more.

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