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Owner, GM of Preston’s: A Burger Joint launch new pudding concept

Owner, GM of Preston’s: A Burger Joint launch new pudding concept

Jack McLaughlin

Two central figures behind one of the city’s most popular burger spots have set their sights on another dish to champion: pudding.

Matthew Heaggans, the head chef and owner of Preston’s: A Burger Joint, as well as the eatery’s general manager, Tony Guzan are co-founders of the new Columbus pudding concept, which is aptly named Puddin’.

Guzan told 614Now that Puddin’, which was recently launched, began as a riff on the pudding flavors offered at Preston’s (Chocolate Pudding and Banana Pudding). Currently a passion project for Heagan and Guzan, much of the concept is still taking shape, but its ultimate goal is bring more good pudding to Columbus.


“The honest question chef [Mathhew Heaggans] and I were asking is: ‘Why not pudding,’” Guzan said. “The big picture is we want everyone in Columbus, Ohio to eat delicious pudding.”

Currently, Puddin’ is available in the Seventh Son vending machine that was formerly home to HeyaCake cake slices. While HeyaCake will eventually take over the vending machine again, Puddin’ may soon become available for sale at Preston’s, and the duo is exploring other options to get products onto the market.

Puddin’ will likely offer seasonal flavros and rotating options as well, but its core lineup of desserts will include versions of Preston’s Banana Pudding and Chocolate Pudding, in addition to Butter and Scotch, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Buttered Popcorn and a pudding inspired by Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

“Why can’t there be somebody out there who supplies this delicious, childhood sentimental dessert,” Guzan said. “Maybe in the course of that, many people might start going for pudding first.”

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