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Popular brewery district BBQ spot unveils new concept

Popular brewery district BBQ spot unveils new concept

Jack McLaughlin

For the better part of a decade, Smoked on High has served quality barbeque from its home in the Brewery District. Now, owner Max McGarity is rolling out his newest concept: Smoked on Chai.

And no, it’s not a reference to the drink.

“Chai is pronounced like High. It means ‘to life,’ so it’s the perfect play on words,” McGarity said, noting the new concept will serve as what is likely Columbus’ first kosher barbeque restaurant. 


Currently, the Smoked on High owner noted that while the Columbus area supports a sizable Jewish community, there’s still a dearth of dining options.

“They’ve been wanting this. There’s not kosher barbeque here, there’s not much of kosher anything,” he said.

He added a handful of individuals in the Columbus Jewish community had a hand in helping Smoked on Chai launch, including Rabbi Josh Finegold and Rabbi Michoel Alt from Buckeye Kosher, Rabbi Howard Zack of Torah Emet Congregation and longtime friend Ari Neuman.

The new concept’s menu will remove pork products, and will swap in items like beef ribs, turkey and more poultry. Sides like mac and cheese, cornbread and others will be gone, although they’ll be replaced by new options, many of which will rotate.

“The chef in me is excited, it’s kind of this chance to try new a bunch of new recipes,” McGarity said.

Smoked on Chai will operate out of a food truck, and will debut on July 8, from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. outside of Bexley’s Congregation Torat Emet, which is located at 2375 E. Main St. You’ll be able to find the full schedule here, but the concept will operate on an every-other-week basis to start.

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