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Popular donut shop closing; focusing solely on gluten-free concept

Popular donut shop closing; focusing solely on gluten-free concept

Sav McKee

About two years ago, Jeni and Carl Reida opened up another donut shop right next to their original one, but with a focus on gluten-free offerings.

Now, The Dipped Donut is focusing solely on this gluten-free concept, called Gluten-Free from The Dipped, and closing their original donut shop, located at 256 S. Sandusky St. in Delaware, OH this July.  Fortunately though, Gluten-Free From the Dipped is located in the exact same building, and it will remain open.

In a Facebook announcement, the owners of The Dipped Donut said, “We are writing with a heartfelt message as we begin a significant transition to better meet the needs of our gluten-free community. After much consideration, we have made the decision to close The Dipped Donut on July 27, 2024 as we shift our focus to expanding our offerings at Gluten-Free from The Dipped.”

Their gluten-free offerings is deeply personal – the Reidas’ daughter’s own gluten intolerance “has illuminated the critical need for a space where quality and taste are not compromised, and where everyone can relish the delights of gourmet treats, regardless of their dietary needs,” continued the Facebook announcement.

Gluten-Free from The Dipped will be expanding, and the owners remain dedicated to providing their customers with tasty, high-quality donuts that are accessible to everyone.

“We understand that the news of The Dipped Donut’s closure may come as a surprise, and we want to express our deepest appreciation for your unwavering support,” they said.  

The Reidas said they’re open to the possibility of selling the business to a special buyer who shares their passion and vision.

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